A Few Words About Us

The founding members and strategic partners of Web3VC Funds comprise nearly a century of combined professional experience, stretching from the late 80s and 90s to the present. These experts include startup founders with multiple exits from industries and sectors such as tech, finance, and retail. 

If you’re a startup founder seeking funding capital, Web3VC Funds is for you. The team behind Web3VC Funds has helped startups, from the idea stage to raising capital by selling up to $5MM in securities through equity crowdfunding (Reg CF). Simply bring us your ideas and we’ll guide you through the process, from A to Z: from setting up your corporation in the appropriate jurisdiction to structuring your CAP TABLE, connecting KYC/AML verification and compliance, and connecting you with an SEC-registered broker-dealer or funding portal for the filing of your Form C.

As of March 15, 2021, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has begun allowing private companies to legally raise up to $5 million from the general public in a 12-month period, versus just $1.07 million previously. Startup founders can raise capital from non-accredited investors, with limits on how they can invest, while accredited investors can do so without giving non-accredited investors access to private company investment opportunities that only accredited investors were able to previously.

Entrepreneurs need a modern approach to venture funding that provides all the benefits of the investment banking approach without the downside: bankers who play hardball. Since our founder’s professional background includes considerable experience with investment banking, we understand the investment banking dynamic well enough to have created a more entrepreneur-friendly funding model.

While funding results are never guaranteed, Reg CF offers startup founders the opportunity to tap into a pool of multiple billions of investment dollars. Reg CF investment crowdfunding topped $1.1 billion in 2021 and is projected to double this year and again in 2023.

Furthermore, if you like what we do and are interested in becoming part of our growing team as a Limited Partner (LP), join us on our journey of tapping into the world of venture capital. According to PitchBook’s data of venture capital funding, as of 2022, there are approximately 125K VC-backed companies, 42K venture capital investors, 28K venture capital funds, 557K venture capital deals, 78K venture-backed exits, and 272K VC executives. Become part of the Web3vc Funds team in obtaining new opportunities for executing deals today!

Are you ready to tap into the fast-growing multi-billion-dollar Reg CF capital market? Let’s get started!

Drop us an email today: hello@web3vcfunds.com.

Our Advantages

Web3VC Funds is the modern day new concept

Web3VC Funds is the modern day new concept in private venture capital funding enabling eligible companies to offer and sell securities through crowdfunding.

Our goal is to bridge the gap and dissolve the barriers

Our goal is to bridge the gap and dissolve the barriers that traditional funding models place between VCs and entrepreneurs.

We also help startups avoid another pitfall of venture funding

But, that isn't all we do. We also help startups avoid another pitfall of venture funding: the hard bargaining tactics used by today's investment banks, which are eager to enter the venture investing arena due to the lucrative fees they stand to collect from investors.

At Web3VC Funds, we have all the connections

At Web3VC Funds, we have the connections and the VC funding we need to help entrepreneurs - and female entrepreneurs in particular - secure the funding they need to make their business dreams a reality without depending on hard-driving investment bankers to broker the deal.


  1. At Web3VC Funds, our intent is to shake up current and traditional VC models
  2. Make venture funding more entrepreneur-friendly
  3. To do VC funding differently than anyone has done it before
  1. Our VC database contains literally hundreds of venture capital firms internationally
  2. Are ready and willing to fund worthwhile projects globally

Our Vision

We envision revolutionary new products and services flowing into the marketplace from today's brightest startups, bringing a wide range of valuable benefits to the world. This perspective fuels our passion for what we do. We aspire to finding and helping the most innovative entrepreneurs acquire the financial means to fund the discoveries that support our nation's ongoing technological progress.

Our Strength

  1. Visionary leadership

    With an insightful and visionary leader at the helm, we are inspired daily to reach new heights of accomplishment.

  2. Spirit of innovation

    Believing that anything is possible is the first step toward building something phenomenal. Our next goal is to go with the flow of new ideas.

  1. Commitment to success

    Our team is fully committed to the model we've developed for fostering the success of both VCs and startups.

Our Skills

Our team has a wide range of relevant skills and traits.

  1. Innovative spirit
  2. Visionary mindset
  3. Solid grasp of finance
  4. Extensive VC background
  5. Keen entrepreneurial insight
  6. Wise decision-making ability

As a team, we have accomplished an array of applicable characteristics and abilities.

  1. Strong leadership skills
  2. Dependable business savvy
  3. Considerable ICT knowledge
  4. Tenacious drive to succeed
  5. Keen sense of mission
  6. Vast tech sector know-how